Get Connected with your Cowerqers

We encourage all our members to fill out their professional profiles to take full advantage of the co-working experience. Doing so allows you to search and connect with companies based on hobbies, industries and/or skills. 

  1. Log into the Member Portal

  2. Select “My Account” from the top right-hand corner. 

  3. Upload a profile picture and cover photo. Click “Save changes”.

  4. Scroll down or select from the left menu to access your “Professional Profile”.

    Here you can write a quick bio and tag your skills to more easily find (and be found by) potential clients, partners, and other members of our community.
  1. Under your skills, make sure to fill this in! (members will be able to look others up by hashtags which will be your skills)

  2. Continue to “Social Networks” and link 

  3. Continue to the “Notifications” section and enable all to ensure you’re in the loop.

  4. Click “Save changes” (this will save both/all sections).


Search the Community; Find Kindred Spirits, Potential Customers, Partners and More

Upon completion of your Professional Profile

  1. Select “Community” from the upper right, then “Members” from the dropdown menu. Feel free to scroll through “All members”.

  2. Under “Directory”, select “Skills” and toggle any that you’re interested in (and “Select additional skills” to broaden your search).

  3. After selecting your cowerqer, you will be able to start a private conversation with them or select Tags to instigate a public conversation, as seen below.

Download the Werqwise mobile app for easy messaging, perks, community updates, and more!


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