1. What is the Speakeasy and 4F Lounge occupancy? 
    1. Speakeasy : 70 maximum is recommended.
    2. 4F Lounge: Theater style seated 80-90, standing (or a mix of sitting and standing) max 250
  • If you wish for a furniture re-set for example, to Theater style, Please keep in mind that this could take up to 30 min. We do not offer staff to move furniture for events we sponsor by providing the venue free of charge.
2. Are lobby check-in staff required? – If the main doors to the street are to be unlocked for guests to gain access past 6pm, yes, you do need to have someone in the lobby. If you don’t have someone who can do this for you, let us know and we can provide a quote for doing so.  

3. What days can we book? Events are typically booked Tues-Thursday as these are the best days for attendance. Start time for the 4thfloor can be no earlier than 6pm as the space is in use by other Members. For the Speakeasy you can start at any time during the day. We aim for an end time of no later than 9/930pm, especially when no charge is being made for the event space. We can make exceptions to end times so do ask if you need to run an event later than this. We can then review the situation and confirm if this is possible or not.

4. Where can I store any food/drink? We have storage options available. We normally ask that you deliver food for an event after 5pm. If you need wine chilled, it is possible for us to arrange this, provided the wine is delivered the day before the event.  The kitchen on 4F lounge can be used to set up light snacks or simple buffet food. As other Members are still using the space until 6pm, please ensure that the kitchen remains accessible by other Members.

5. Do you offer security? No. There are partner security services available should this be something you wish to have. However, when considering the cost, and with someone based in the lobby for check in as well as our ability to then lock the main doors, with an access number provided to anyone arriving late, security is not something we feel is truly needed for most events.

6. Do you have catering recommendations? Our preferred caterer is Katy @ wow Dolce. Katy has managed a full range of events in our location, from lunch for 6, through to full drinks and food service for 350 people! You are of course able to bring in your own food and drinks or use any caterer of your choice.

Werqwise Amenities -

AV equipment, 2 screens, projectors, microphones (four lapel, 2 handheld) MUSIC??
Non production Kitchen - Can be used to set up light snacks
Espresso Machine
Still, Sparkling or Hot water
Coffee, tea and water cups.

Please note: If a non-member books the event space we do ask that the event be free for our members to attend the event, if purchase is necessary we ask for a discounted price.

*We do not offer coat check 

*Non smoking vape free environment 

Event Cancellation for paid events :
Any event cancelled within 14 days of the event date can result in a cancellation fee of 50% or the normal event space charge 1500 per hour for the period of event. Each event cancellation will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

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