FAQs: Customization

  1. How do I get a logo on my office/frosted windows?

Email MX or come tell anyone at the reception desk on the fourth floor if you would like to add your company’s, or any other logo(s), to your office. The file we need will have to be in ai., jpeg, or pds to achieve the best detail. If you have any questions please reach out to signage@werqwise.com and our Marketing team will be able to help. 

Also, If you would like your office windows to be completely frosted, do not hesitate to come down to the fourth floor and tell us verbally, or email at mx@werqwise.com. We will measure the area you wish to have frosted, calculate the cost, and you will then receive a quote.  

  1. How can we get a couch/large furniture delivered?

If you are expecting to have a couch, or a large piece of furniture, delivered during normal hours please advise anyone on the MX team. We can help the movers to your floor and assist them with getting it to your office. Please note that any package over 25 lbs must be picked up and taken care of in a timely manner by the recipient. Smaller packages will be dropped off to your office at our earliest convenience.

Please advise us if you need any help reaching out to a moving company. We suggest Crown as they are familiar with our building and have very competitive industry rates.

  1. We want to install a TV, who do we ask?

Please inform anyone on the MX team about your TV installation and we will have our construction crew organize a time to do the install. Feel free to come down to the fourth-floor reception desk or email mx@werqwise.com for any installation or hardware questions. 

  1. How do we obtain sit/stand desks?

Are you, or anyone on your team, interested in being able to stand or sit while working? We offer sit/stand desks at industry prices. Please let us know if you, or anyone on your team, would like this option and give us time to have the desk(s) assembled. If you already are in possession of a sit/stand desk, you are more than welcome to bring in your own. Please let us know if you need assistance moving your personal desk into your office. 

  1. Can we get a heater?

As this is a shared workspace, we do not allow personal heaters as they pose a fire threat to the entire building. We understand the weather outdoors can fluctuate drastically throughout the day, so if you are ever uncomfortable, too hot/too cold, please verbally inform the MX team (and grab a cappuccino) on the fourth floor or by clicking the Help icon on the Werqwise Portal and submitting a request.  

Again, if you are ever too hot/cold please inform anyone on the MX team promptly and the temperature in your office will be immediately adjusted accordingly. 


  1. How can we get a mini-fridge?

We can order one for you and add it to your payment, or please feel free to shop on your own and have it delivered to your office.  Many mini-fridges are over 25 pounds, please note our company policy of any packages larger than 25 pounds must be picked up and taken care of in a timely manner by the recipient. 

If you are out-of-office please advise anyone on the MX team and we can have it securely set aside for you upon your return.  We also offer dollies and other moving carts to help our Members with such items.

  1. Can we have custom lighting?

We offer two standard lighting options; linear and pendant light. If any of our Members have specific lighting they would like installed, we will reach out to the construction team to see if it is compatible at the location. 

Please feel free to reach out to anyone on the MX team, they will then proceed to put in your request for lighting or any other customizations.  

  1. Can we change/add rooms to our already existing office layout?

Werqwise’s breakthrough modular design allows us to add or take down meeting rooms/offices quickly and efficiently. If you are interested in adjusting your existing office layout, please reach out to Richard and he can assist with your new design. 

However, if your current office is no longer sufficient with your existing needs and you need more/less space, please reach out to anyone on our Sales team and they will be more than happy to assist.  

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