When I arrive at 149 New Montgomery Street, where do I go to check-in? 

Walk into the double doors at the main entrance and walk towards the elevators to the left. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. This is where the Werqwise main lobby is located along with the front desk. As soon as you walk out of the elevator, you will see the front desk located in front of the windows. This is where you can check-in. If you have any questions, there will be an associate of the Werqwise MX (member experience) team at the front desk to help you.

How does my host know that I have arrived?

Once you’ve reached the front desk, you can check in on the provided iPad through the Envoy app. Be sure to know the name of your host and the host’s company name so that the Envoy system can notify them of your arrival with ease. You will be prompted to enter your first, last name, email, and your host. A small picture will be taken and sent to your host via email notification to let them know that you have arrived. We do this to provide an extra level of security for our members. 

What if I do not know the name of my host? What if I do not know the name of the business?

If you have the name of your host, you should be able to find them during the Envoy check-in process if they have an office in the Werqwise community. If you do not have a host’s name or a company name, double-check the information that was provided for your visit to see if there is a number that you can call.

Can the MX associate at the front desk provide me with a number for the host or call my host for me?

Unfortunately, we are not authorized to provide our members’ contact information or to call them from the front desk. At Werqwise, we provide our members with space, amenities, and community but we respect their privacy and how they choose to conduct their business. 

Where do I wait for my host?

You can sit anywhere in the 4th-floor lobby. There is a seating area provided for visitors next to the front desk, but you are not restricted from exploring the rest of the main lounge space. Go ahead, take a look around! And while you wait, feel free to help yourself to some fruit provided in the kitchen, along with tea, water, and even a cappuccino if you’d like. Don’t hesitate to let our team know if there’s anything else we can provide to accommodate you while you wait for your host.

Is there a restroom I can use?

Of course! An MX associate will be more than happy to tell you where the nearest restrooms are located.

May I have access to a loaner card for the duration of my visit?

The amount of time that you need access to the building may determine if you get a loaner card. Our Werqwise team decides how to distribute loaner cards on a case by case basis. Typically, if a guest is going to be in the building from 1-5 days, we will usually ask that the guest’s host will provide them with the necessary access for the duration of their visit. Sometimes, the host will already have a loaner card authorized for their use. 

Is there anywhere I can leave a large bag or luggage during my visit?

If you’re in San Francisco for the day and you don’t want to carry a large bag or luggage around, have no fear! There are plenty of services that will watch over your bags for the day and sometimes overnight, many of which are conveniently located nearby. Here is a list of resources for these services:

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