Meeting Rooms FAQs 

How do I book a meeting room?

You can book a meeting room on your personal computer or cell phone through the Werqwise member portal or through the Werqwise app.

Can I book a meeting room on a different floor from my workspace/office?

All of the meeting rooms are available to our Members regardless of where their office is located. If you have any questions about where the meeting rooms are located, please refer to our building map or ask anyone on the MX team. 

How do I cancel a meeting room that I booked?

Open your Werqwise app, login, and select the bookings tab. Click “Bookings Calendar” in the drop-down menu, find your reservation, and click on it. Scroll down to cancel/delete the booking. 

How do my booking credits work? Do they roll over?

Each company will receive a monthly allotted booking room credit depending on the membership type and number of members. Once you or a team member books a room, it will automatically pull from those credits. Booking room credits do not rollover. 

Are beverages and food allowed in the meeting rooms?

Of course! We ask that you properly dispose of these items when you are finished with the room. (Someone may have booked the room after you.) Each meeting room should have a small trash can and recycling bin available as well. For larger waste items, please dispose of waste in the nearest kitchen bins.

My meeting room is locked. How do I unlock it?

Most meeting rooms can be opened with the kisi app. Simply open your app, look for the corresponding room number, and slide to unlock. If it is still locked, contact the MX team for support.

Please note: Room 4C and 3C may need to be unlocked manually. If you need access to these rooms, please notify an MX associate so that they can assist you.

I went to use the meeting room that I had scheduled, but someone else is using it. What do I do? 

We recommend simply knocking on the door to let the occupants know that the room is reserved for the current time. Contact MX for support if you do not feel comfortable asking someone to leave the room.

What is Highfive?

Highfive is a cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration solution that provides employees in businesses across various industry verticals a platform to communicate and share information with their colleagues and managers. Highfive offers cableless casting in every meeting room at Werqwise. 

Highfive allows organizers and presenters to wirelessly start and manage meetings from their laptops, phone or tablet, and share screen with the audience in the room or remotely via Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and Android devices. 

To use the Highfive video/audio conferencing resources available in each of our meeting rooms, download the respective plug-in for your company's email provider (Outlook add-in | Google Calendar Chrome extension). Individuals not using Chrome or Microsoft Edge for their default browser will need to download the Highfive desktop app

Here are some quick tips on how to use Highfive at Werqwise.

Is Highfive the only video conference software that I can use in the meeting rooms?

Not necessarily. There’s an HDMI cable provided for each meeting room tv. As long as your laptop has an HDMI port, you can connect to the tv and mirror your laptop display. If the HDMI cord is not available, please notify an MX associate so that an HDMI cord can be provided. Remember to check that the TV source is set to the corresponding HDMI cable that is being used.

The TV is off and there’s no remote? What do I do?

Check to see if you can find the “buttons” on the TV to turn it on manually. Usually, the buttons can be found along the sides, bottom, or back of the device. Button locations may vary depending on the device model. If you’re still having trouble, contact the MX team to assist you.

The dry erase markers have dried out. Where can I get new ones?

If our meeting rooms are missing the necessities (Eg.markers, erasers, cords, etc), please contact the MX team so that we can provide replacement supplies. We want your meeting to be conducted seamlessly. If the conference rooms require attention, don’t hesitate to request what you need.

I have a large meeting. Can I request extra chairs?

Absolutely! Please contact the MX team before the meeting is scheduled so that they can accommodate the request before the meeting starts.

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