In order to pre-register your visitors please follow these quick and easy steps:

Inviting one person to visit

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites.

  2. Click “New invite.” 

  3. Fill in the form. Fields with a red dot are required to create the invite.
    • Optional: Set an invite to repeat. Choose how often an invite should repeat.
     • Select an end date if you don’t want the invite to extend past a certain date.
    • Optional: Leave a private note. This will be visible to Envoy administrators but not the visitor.

  4. Check the Send an invite email box to send an email that prompts visitors to pre-register. 

  5. Click “Invite".

Inviting multiple people to visit

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites.
  2. Click “New invite.” You’ll be taken to the invite form.
  3. Select Group invite from the top navigation.
  4. Select the correct location and visitor type.
    • Optional: Enter a Group name that you can use to reference these visitors in the logs.
  5. You can either type in or paste the invite details in the grid below.
    • Tip: If you prefer to manually enter the information instead of pasting, note that the Arrival date column has a date picker, and the Host column searches from names in your employee directory.
  6. Optional: Check the Send invite email box if you want to send these people an email confirming their upcoming visit, and select whether the Group name should be included in the subject of the invite. This email will also include a link to “Check in” where visitors can complete your sign-in fields before they arrive. 
  7. Click “Create invites”.

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