Challenges within the workplace like stress, fatigue and distraction can have a major impact on your productivity; but did you know that the design of the workplace can play a part as well?

Although traditional offices sometimes have cost challenges when it comes to more custom office layouts, a new and growing design concept has the potential to significantly change the way you work — for the better. Transterior design is the infusion of exterior elements into interior spaces. For offices, this means that elements such as flora, color, materials, layout and light are all taken into consideration during office build out. The benefits are abundant — studies show that this kind of environment can positively influence both your physical and mental health. Its use is particularly rewarding as it can be a solution to some of our more common work stresses.

According to the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, some fifty studies have shown that, the presence of natural elements keeps the mind relaxed and in better shape to be more productive. The simple act of immersing yourself into a more natural environment can significantly improve your mood. It is common to find succulents, small plants, or flowers on people’s desks in an attempt to achieve these effects, but the responsibility for creating a productive and enjoyable workplace goes beyond the individual. Companies need to construct and maintain these living environments, however, the scope of such a build out and running costs are often cost prohibitive.

Cue Werqwise.

Werqwise is changing the game by incorporating transterior design into the coworking space. Werqwise follows the philosophy of taking the outdoors in and giving people the ability to have a greater connection to nature in a sophisticated and carefully considered environment. The design of the Werqwise space is anchored in our belief that where you work, how you work and who you work around fundamentally impacts your success. We want you to be successful, we want you to enjoy where you work, and you should want the same!

Werqwise is deeply invested in member success and we have taken all the nuances of transterior design into account. We want to help you and your company be more successful.

Read more from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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